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Goldstock 2014
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Katie Dyer will again be putting together the candle ceremony. Many, many thanks to Katie for taking over this daunting task from Beth Grob, who did it so well for so many years, and is now getting a well-deserved break! You can contact Katie with both questions and submissions at [email protected].

From Katie:

Send me the name of your pet that has passed since last Labor Day weekend. That pet's name will be read aloud during the lighting for Candle #2.

When Candle #1 is lit, no names will be read aloud. Each person may remember all of their pets that have passed on, when ever, but NO NAMES will be read aloud. Think about it. We could be there for months.

In summary,

Candle 1 sets the stage by remembering all of our past pets privately.
* Candle 2 remembers pets that have passed from September 2013 - the present.
* Candle 3 is for sick and injured pets that need healing thoughts.
Candle 4 calls attention to all animals who are lost, abused, neglected.
Candle 5 honors the dedication of people who work in rescue, foster homes, vets, etc.
* Candle 6 remembers our friends and family who have died during the past year.
* Candle 7 is for our sick and injured human family and friends who need our prayers, healing thoughts and support.
Candle 8 honors our friends who cannot be with us this evening.
Candle 9 asks us to recall September 12, and honors our service dogs, therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

* next to the candle means that individual names will be read.

Believe me, this is an incredibly moving ceremony. As the candles are lit, the slideshow with photos and names of our pets, family and friends who have passed this year are projected on a screen. The slideshow plays continuously. At the end of the formal ceremony, people may choose to join a line to light individual candles and place them in and around the fireplace. The atmosphere is peaceful and supporting. Many people will stay and watch the slideshow over and over. Sometimes the photos of pets or people bring smiles and laughter, sometimes pangs of grief.

The dogs at camp attend, and believe me, they all act as therapy dogs that evening. Because I am one of the readers, I farm out the Team to people who don't have a dog with them at Camp. I get back good reports. Sometimes, and it is always magical, one dog will bark, then all of the dogs join in.

It is a healing evening.

Katie and Team Fur


Katie Dyer will again be putting together the Candle Ceremony slide show. If you would like your pictures of your pet, friend or relative included in this show, please send them to Katie Dyer at [email protected]. Please identify who is in the picture, who is remembering whoever is in the picture and any significant dates.

Will need the photo to be in jpg format.


   JPG format photo
   Who is remembering

Send to Katie Dyer at [email protected]