Lure Course at Goldstock

We have some more information for the lure course now that we're getting everything set for this weekend.

Location will be in the field below the track. Please come check us out!

The course will be running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and I'll be taking photos of the dogs running the course. If there's demand for running the course on Monday morning, we will open it then.

Cost is $10 per run OR $25 for a wristband that's good all weekend. Runs consist of about 7-8 laps for most adult dogs. Younger puppies (under 6 months) run fewer laps, and seniors (over 8 or so) also run fewer laps. You're welcome on the course with your dogs to help them along and encourage them.

Photos will be available to view and will be printed right at the course (unless I mess something up, LOL). For right now, it looks like I'll have 5x7 prints, 3.5x5 prints, and digital files available. Pricing will be between $15-$40 depending on what you select.

I do suggest that you put a collar or well-secured bandana on your dogs when they run to help with identification-- our dogs look alike when they're wet and when they're running.

If you are not familiar with lure courses click here to see video from some of our past events.

See you all soon!

Susan Murtha -- Event Coordinator

2018 Goldstock Golden Glove Baseball Game

Attention please!! Who is ready to play Goldstock Baseball???  I hope my kids and K-9 pro's from last year will be returning to play. 

If this is your first year to Goldstock then you need to know that this isn't just any old baseball game. It's... well.... baseball with a TWIST!! The dogs take the field with you!

Never played baseball before? That's okay! No experience is necessary! Can't catch a ball? That's okay too because there will probably be a golden just waiting for the chance to help you catch it. What's that you say? You can't hit a ball? Not to worry there is a ball T to use or our pitcher will throw the ball until you hit it. No problem. Don't worry, this game can be modified to include any child. If you have any questions or concerns you can ask us when you fill out your registration form. These are the following requirements we are looking for in our team mates;

1. Are you a kid? 

2. Do you love dogs?

3.  Do you have a pair of tennis shoes?

4. Do you love to laugh, have fun and make new friends?

5. Do you mind dog slobber? ( think of it as a spit ball)

If you answered yes to all of the above then you need to be on our team and meet us at the baseball field at 4 PM on Sunday afternoon.

Goldstock 2018 General Announcements

You may not bring your car into camp to unload. You will be met at camp gate by camp staff with golf carts to help you get you and your belongings to your building. No cars are permitted on campus at ANY time other than designated arrival times.

After you’ve unloaded, please check in at the welcome table to receive your Goldstock badge!

This is camp located on a lake. You will find sand, dog hair, and foot/paw prints most everywhere. This is a weekend to celebrate how wonderful life is with our dogs, to see old friends and make new friends. Everyone you see working to make this event a success, either at the events, or behind the scenes doing registration, scheduling, etc. is a VOLUNTEER.

Goldstock brings together a diverse group of people. We ask that everyone be respectful of one another & their differing opinions. Please remember we are all here because we believe in Rescue.

Remember, we are guests of Camp Weequahic and our purpose in being here is to raise money for Rescue. Please volunteer and pitch in if it looks like a helping hand may be needed.


  • Breakfast 7:30 – 9:00 am 
  • Lunch 12:30 – 1:30 pm
  • Dinner Friday 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Saturday 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Sunday 7:15 – 8:15 pm

For those paying for Thursday, lunch and dinner on Thursday and breakfast on Friday are provided.

Do not let your dog(s) on the Camp Office porch or in the office.

No smoking in any of the camp buildings.

Do not let your dog(s) off leash unless you are present to monitor them.

Do not let your dog(s) run loose in an area where an event is taking place, e.g.- Parades, Olympics

Golf Carts
No one under 18 can operate a golf cart. No loaning of golf carts.

Drive safely- no speeding or racing. Park off the road and do not block pathways.

Do not stick anything on the paint. Keep and return in clean condition.

Golf carts will be assigned after each meal beginning on Friday. Other times will be announced. Location: Up to the right of the Office Building.

Children under 14 may never be unsupervised.

No one under 18 may be unsupervised at the waterfront.

No Human may swim in the lake or the pool at any time except during an authorized event, such as the Doggy Olympics. You may bring your dog to the lake to swim and you can get your feet wet but NO PEOPLE SWIMMING.

Any person whose dog/dogs exhibit aggressive or uncontrolled behavior may be asked to leave, with no refund given.

Any person whose behavior is disruptive or endangers another person or animal may be asked to leave, with no refund given.

Please pick up after yourself and your dog.