Sweetest Dog Contest Tips for First-Timers

By: Leif Connor

Tip #1:
  Make sure to bring something like an empty tin coffee can with a slot cut out or something easier to bring money in and to carry it around.  You can decorate it so the people who donate to you know exactly who they are donating to.

Tip #2:  Do not be afraid to ask the same person or cabin group to donate more than once.  I’ve heard, “We already donated to you yesterday.” Or “We already gave.”  Come up with some great lines: “Yes, thank you! Today is a new day and another chance to donate!” “And we appreciated your support.  We will appreciate it even more today!” 

Tip #3: Be creative.  Some people sell cookies, Matt played music for tips, I’ve sold theme related items- get a gimmick (which is a word that came from the circus)!  

Tip #4:  Just because you’re running for sweetest dog doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for the other dogs.  I make sure to vote for each dog participating at least once out of our own money and their managers always approach me to vote for mine.  My mom and I do have certain favorites who we will give more to and that’s Ok, too!

Tip#5: Take the time to talk to the people that donate to you.  You can ask them where they are from, what made them want to come to Goldstock, if they have any advice for someone brand new this year. It is a great way to make new friends while you campaign. 

Tip #6: Keep positive and don’t let rejection stop you. I have often gotten a number of “no”s or “I’ll donate later” or “I don’t have money on me”.  Those same people more often than not will donate if you don’t give up and ask them at another time.  

For those who have campaigned before, please add any more tips you have in the comment section.

Click here to learn more about the Sweetest Dog Contest.

The Sweetest Dog Contest

Do you think YOUR dog is the sweetest dog at Goldstock? Here’s a just-for-fun contest to find out. Your dog gets extra pets, gives extra kisses, shows off its special tricks, and if people agree your dog is sweet, they vote with their wallets! The girl and boy dog who raise the most votes/money win a prize AND their favorite rescue(s) get the money!

See Laurie Collins at camp to sign up!

There will be one male and one female winner.

Each winner will receive an embroidered bandanna that says Sweetest (Girl or Boy) Goldstock 2017, along with Tigertail treats and another goody or two I’ll purchase at Goldstock.  If any rescues want to throw in something else to sweeten the pot, just let me know!

Who can enter:  Any dog present at Goldstock as long as they haven’t already won the title in a previous year!  

To enter:  Each entry will cost $5.  The dog MUST be present at Goldstock to enter the contest, and it's best if you have your dog with you when you try to gain votes.  Many people prefer to be able to pet the dog if they're going to cough up money, so be prepared for someone to say they want to say hi to your dog before they give you the bucks!  

Voting:  People vote for the Sweetest Dog with money.  Don't be shy about asking for votes!  The more campaigning you do, the more money you get, and the more money you get, the more money goes to our rescue dogs!  If you want to give people a token something from your dog for their votes, that's fine, but they need to be told up front that they're going to be voting for Sweetest Dog if they get something from you.

Who Can Vote:  Only people who actually attend Goldstock can vote.  No collecting votes ahead of time.  You can kick in whatever you want of your own money, but no asking neighbors or co-workers ahead of time for votes. Of course, you can always ask your neighbors and coworkers for money that you can then donate to some worthy cause AT Goldstock, but that worthy cause can't be voting for your dog. :-)

Time Frame for Voting:  Voting will go from 7 p.m. Friday evening (whether I'm there yet or not; I'll trust you guys!) and continue until 4:30 Sunday evening, which is usually about the time I finish giving my field demo. Envelopes should be delivered to me either at the field demo Sunday afternoon or at my cabin (Cabin XX), where I'll go just after the field demo.  Please don't make me chase you down to get your money.  I run around enough over the weekend, and I really need that small window of time after my field demo to re-count all the money and still make it up to dinner on time! 

Please count the money and put it in some kind of order so then all I really need to do is double-check that you counted accurately.  Thanks!!

Where Does the Money Go?  The winner of the Sweetest Girl Dog will decide which rescue or rescues (up to three) gets the money collected by the female contestants.  The winner of the Sweetest Boy Dog will decide which rescue or rescues (up to three) gets the money collected by the male contestants. Rescues need to be present at Goldstock to be eligible.

Winners will be announced at dinner on Sunday evening.