Golden at the Museum Mugs...Limited Number Available

We have a limited number of mugs that have Tom's dog Lucas looking at the picture of himself looking at the picture of the tennis ball.  They'll be available at the Goldstock Shelter Rescue table.  Please come by early if you'd like one...when they're gone, they're gone. Really nice piece of Goldstock memorabilia to acquire.

Order Your Golden Dog Inn Candle by Herbal Star

One of our newbies has graciously offered to bring these to Goldstock and donate all the profits to one of the Rescue groups in attendance at Goldstock. The candles are made by Herbal Star and this is the Golden Dog Inn candle with a picture of a Golden Retriever on the front.  They are made with a soy blend wax, and 5 different oils, and smell absolutely amazing! They are $17.95 per candle and you can pay when you pick them up at camp so please let us know how many candles you would like, as we don't want to order too many and have Rescue lose money. We definitely want at least 1, maybe even 2, so let us know soon!

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A Hand-Made Quilt to Save a Dogs Life

Meet Tilly. She was found running in the mountains and turned over to animal control in Missoula and came into our program a few days ago. She is in rough shape, skinny, matted and not putting weight on one back leg. Found out she does have an ACL tear and appears to be about 8 years old. Her vet bill will probably run over $1000. So this year money from the quilt raffle will go towards her bill. If anyone has some free time and would like to help sell tickets at Goldstock please let me know and drop by the Montana booth. The only time I do not sell tickets is durimg Sunday dinner, before OK during no.