Collins First Goldstock

Collins is a 2-year-old male Golden Retriever service dog in training from Central New Jersey. We heard about Goldstock through an article that the Huffington post had written and decided that we HAD to check it out for ourselves. Collins had probably the best day of his life as a daytripper at Goldstock 2016. He participated in all the doggy olympics and did tons of swimming and dock diving. We were so happy to win "best newcomer" at the recognitions awards. Everyone was so kind and welcoming to us! We are definitely excited to come back next year!

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Photo Credit: Catherine Chiou

Dog Camp, A Dogumentary

Imagine a glorious sea of Golden Retrievers frolicking in a bucolic summer camp setting. This was the imagery that inspired us to make this dogumentary film. The film centers around Goldstock (think Woodstock meets Golden Retrievers), an annual event that takes place every Labor Day weekend in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Goldstock is really about dog rescue and this wonderful, unique community. The attendees come from all over the country to re-energize, reconnect with old friends, and raise money for the dog rescue organizations that they run or represent.

This documentary film was inspired by Goldstock, an annual get-together of hundreds of golden retrievers and the people they rescue.

The Goldstock Pajama Breakfast -- A Brief History

In 2002, Carol and I were following Katie to breakfast and Katie was dressed in pj's & a robe. The idea hit to have an official PJ breakfast every Sunday at camp. 2003 our dogs were well prepared in their very best Sunday pajamas!!

And that's it, a tradition was born that carries on every year so don't forget to pack nicely pressed footy pajamas so you can look stunning for Monday morning breakfast.

Photo Credit: Winnie Clark

Photo Credit: Winnie Clark