2017 Goldstock Electrical Panel Update

2017 Goldstock Electric panel update for the NJ & NY compound (RV Lots 1 & 2)

The electric panel will be hung on the fence, about 20 feet further away than where it was in the past.

There are 11 30-amp RV outlets, each on a 15 amp breaker. At the present time there is only 60 amps total available to the panel. So you will not be able to run high current items, such as AC units. Each RV should not have to share an outlet as in the past. So keep in mind, 11 RV’s could be sharing 60 amps.

You will need a standard RV 30 amp power cord to connect to the panel. It looks like this;


You will need to bring sufficient power cords to reach the panel. You should plan on about 20-30 feet more then you have needed in the past. If you have not been to the NJ-NY RV compound before, we recommend bringing at least 100’ of extension cords. If you don’t have a proper 30-amp RV cord long enough, at the minimum a 12 gauge extension cord can be used with a proper RV 30-amp male to 15-amp female adapter could be used. If you need more than one extension cord, water tight cord connectors should be used. We will have 5-6 cord connectors available at camp for $5 each.

30-amp male to 15-amp female RV adapters:

Amazon links to a few different adapters;


30-amp connector box (or make your own with plastic food containers)


Costco has the best deal on 12 gauge extension cords but Home Depot carries them and here's a link to 10 and 12 gauge 100’ extension cords.

Cord connectors, there will be 6 of these available at camp for $5 each.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us at GoldstockRV@gmail.com

Live and Silent Auctions at Goldstock

Just want to remind people that this is a great way to support rescue.

There are actually 3 different types of auctions. The basic rule for all of them is that the proceeds must go to a rescue group, and it should be a rescue that is present at Goldstock, they don't need to have a booth, but they need to be present at camp. (A good example is Heaven Can Wait...Ruth Human's group. Ruth, a long time Goldstock attendee, has not had a booth, but her rescue needs our support and there have been items in both the silent and live auctions for her. I know she'd appreciate donated auction items, as would all of us.

Rescue group that are attending are;
Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue (LIGRR)
Newnan Coweta Humane Society
Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide (GRROWLS)
Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training, Inc. (GRREAT),
Montana's Precious Gold Golden Retriever Rescue
Golden Re-Triever Rescue Inc (GRRI-NJ) 
Heaven Can Wait
Autumn Valley Golden Retriever Club

If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know ASAP!

The Live Auction -- which is Saturday night, is usually the bigger ticket items...unusual things, art works, jewelry sometimes...stuff like that. We try to limit it to 2 or 3 items per rescue group.

The Silent Auction -- which takes place starting Saturday and ends before dinner on Sunday, is all kinds of items, mostly dog related. Baskets, dog beds, crates, x-pens, fun items, dog biscuit assortments, wine, books...anything and everything. We run it like Ebay with a buy it now price...that can be bid on early...time to be announced. One there is a buy it now bid (and the price for that is determined by the donor and the rescue), the item is sold. Regular bidding starts after that, and once there is a bid, the buy it now is no longer available. If you're confused, ask me :-) A minute bid is set, and there are increments set. Those tables close on Sunday.

There is a special area of "kids tables". Items that only the kids can bid on...usually priced from about 50 cents to a couple of dollars at most. This is so the kids can bid without the adults outbidding them. On Sunday at closing, any unsold kids items are open to the adults...time TBD. Items can be toys, books, games, stuffed animals...anything that kids would like. You'll be surprised how much these items can add up and it's a blast for the kids.

Again, any auction questions, come to me. We expect fast a furious bidding at the live auction with a professional auctioneer coming. The auction will begin immediately following the viewing of the Goldstock Dogumentary...dinner will be earlier on Saturday.

Gail Lustig
Founder of Goldstock

Click below to download the appropriate forms for live and silent auction items.

Silent Auction Submission Form
Live Auction Submission Form

Please make sure you have all the forms filled out before submitting items. They are highlighted in blue in the list above and you will need Adobe Reader to download and print them. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, please download now.

Portraits by Savannah Simon

Over the course of the weekend our very own Savannah Simon will be doing 15 minute portrait sessions for a $10.00 donation to a rescue yet to be determined.

To ensure that Flynn and her get some lake time, she's going to attempt to schedule time slots. Below you will find times she's looking to schedule, sunrise and sunsets are her favorite times but there are a few mid-day sessions available.

If you are interested in scheduling a session you can contact Savannah at S_Simon9312@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment at camp.

If you'd like to see some of her other work you can check her out and follow her amazing photography at The Well Collared Pup on Facebook!

Below are the time frames Savannah would like to schedule and word has it they are filling up fast so contact her soon if you would like an original Savannah Simon portrait.

Location is to be determined....

Friday evening-
* 4:00 - 
* 4:15 - 
* 4:30 - 
* 4:45 - 
* 5:00 - 
* 5:15 - 
* 5:30 -
* 5:45 - 
* 6:00
* 6:15 - 
* 6:30 -

* 8:30
* 8:45
* 9:00
* 9:15
* 9:30 - 
* 9:45 -

* 6:00
* 6:15
* 6:30
* 6:45 -
* 7:00 -
* 7:15

* 6:30
* 6:45
* 7:00
* 7:15
* 7:30
* 7:45

* 1:30
* 1:45
* 2:00
* 2:15
* 2:30
* 2:45
* 3:00
* 3:15
* 3:30 - Karen Jones
* 3:45 - ^^^
* 4:00 - Kim Seigler

Monday morning- 
* 6:30
* 6:45
* 7:00
* 7:15
* 7:30

This is my first year taking portraits, so please expect chaos and confusion... it's bound to happen 😂