Goldstock 2016 is in the History Books

A big thank you to every sentient being that came to camp this past Labor Day weekend and decided to spend their holiday raising money for Rescues all over the country and having a lot of fun doing it. Here are some random photographs from over the course of the weekend to hold you over until we can put together a more detailed rundown of the memories created at camp this year. And just like in past years, this 19th Goldstock was a memory making machine!

A super big THANK YOU to all of the Rescue Groups that attended, if you didn't get a chance to donate to them at camp or you would like to donate more please click on one of their links below and let them know how appreciative you are for the work they do to save our furry friends.

Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue (LIGRR)
Newnan Coweta Humane Society
Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide (GRROWLS)
Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training, Inc. (GRREAT),
Montana's Precious Gold Golden Retriever Rescue
Golden Re-Triever Rescue Inc (GRRI-NJ) 
Heaven Can Wait
Autumn Valley Golden Retriever Club

Finally, next year will be Goldstock Camps 20th anniversary so if you've been sitting on the fence about whether to come or not or you have attended in the past but haven't visited in a few years you may want to put camp on your calendars now. It is not going to be a year you want to miss!

Hope to see you all next year and stay in touch with the Goldstock family by joining our Facebook Community page to discuss all things about rescue and liking our official Facebook page to get updates and announcements about camp.

This Weekend: Important Reminder

Goldstock is very special to us all. Friends and fun and memories.
It may seem obvious, but we all need to remember the reason for this gathering. Rescue for our beloved breed. Not all goldens are as well loved as the ones attending. Many enter rescue in dire straits, with many medical issues. The rescues take them in no matter what care they need. No matter the expense. 

The rescues that attend depend on this weekend for the majority of the funds they raise all year.  As you are having fun and spending time at the lake, and competing in the Olympics and partaking in Goldstock merriment - PLEASE remember the reason for the weekend. 

  • Visit the rescue booths in the activity center.
  • Buy something from each rescue. 
  • Raffles are everywhere! Buy tickets!! Someone will get your prize to you if you're not staying til Sunday. 
  • Enter the Olympics
  • Vote for Sweetest dog

Even if you're only coming up for the day - please please support the rescues that make this weekend possible.

The Dog Camp Dogumentary Premiere at Goldstock

Big announcement from the Producers of Dog Camp: Our film "Dog Camp" is free to everyone! We'll bring a bunch of DVDs to this year's Goldstock to give out. And for those who can't make it this year, please message us or email us at and we'll mail you a copy. We'll be asking for a donation from those who want a DVD, but only from people who are not involved with Goldstock. And we're going to schedule a screening in NYC in Oct and make it a fundraising event. Stay tuned for details. Hopefully we can raise a lot of money that will go 100% to the rescues that attend Goldstock and to Marty's family. See you at Goldstock this weekend!