The Goldstock Pajama Breakfast -- A Brief History

In 2002, Carol and I were following Katie to breakfast and Katie was dressed in pj's & a robe. The idea hit to have an official PJ breakfast every Sunday at camp. 2003 our dogs were well prepared in their very best Sunday pajamas!!

And that's it, a tradition was born that carries on every year so don't forget to pack nicely pressed footy pajamas so you can look stunning for Monday morning breakfast.

Photo Credit: Winnie Clark

Photo Credit: Winnie Clark

Registration and General Information Update

As many of you know, I recently moved from NJ to Georgia...not great timing since I'll be turning around in another 10 days to drive back up north for Goldstock.  I've finally updated my Goldstock email least I hope I have, and want to make everyone aware of a few things.

I know many of you have paid by check and have emailed me that your check has not yet cleared.  The checks go to the owner of Camp Weequahic, not to me, and I'm guessing they just have not gotten around to depositing the Goldstock checks yet...don't are registered.

As for housing, I have not yet assigned housing, but I have everyone's requests and expect to accommodate them, so again...don't worry.  If I see a major problem with anyone's request, I will let you know, and in most cases have already addressed issues as I've come across them.  

There have been a number of announcements of events at Goldstock, and there are 3 places to find them, if you have not seen them yet.  There is the Goldstock website, on which you registered, there is the new Goldstock Camp Facebook page  and last, but certainly not least, the original Goldstock Community Facebook page.  If you have not yet joined the original page, I would strongly urge you to do so.  Lots of information for the newbies; welcomes from the "oldies" and generally a lot of helpful information.  It is an administered page, but I promise, if you ask to join, I'll make sure to accept you.  It's a great way to "meet" people before you arrive, and hopefully will introduce you to many new friends-to-be.

I'm excited to welcome so many new "Goldstockers" and to meet your pups.  This is looking to be an exceptional year...lots of fun, raising lots of money for rescue, and...making a movie!

Any remaining questions or to the Goldstock Community Facebook page...I promise you'll get lots of answers.  Travel safe, everyone, and I'll see you soon.

Gail Lustig
Founder of Goldstock Camp