Remembering Goldstock 2002

My first Goldstock was 2002. I wanted to go 2001 but found myself having surgery. As I rested at home in bed on September 11, 2001 I thought I was watching a bad movie instead of Good Morning America. Our country will never be the same I thought. When I got to my first Goldstock the next September, I met Chris Selfridge, his young family and his search and rescue dog Riley from Johnstown, PA. Also their first Goldstock. Chris and Riley were one of the first teams to search for survivors. Chris asked I believe Doug Coulter if he thought we would like to see slides from their work. Of course we did as we all met in the activity center you could hear a pin drop. One of our NJ volunteers went to the bathroom and got a roll of toilet paper that we sent up and down the aisles which were full of silent tears. What they did for days and days was truly heroic. This is what we need to remember as Americans that we all make a difference in the world. It's one of the reasons I have Kesley as part of a crisis response team, to share her, even if it is the smallest gesture we can all give back to the world. After all isn't giving the true meaning of Goldstock.

Ruth Folkman Osman

Collins First Goldstock

Collins is a 2-year-old male Golden Retriever service dog in training from Central New Jersey. We heard about Goldstock through an article that the Huffington post had written and decided that we HAD to check it out for ourselves. Collins had probably the best day of his life as a daytripper at Goldstock 2016. He participated in all the doggy olympics and did tons of swimming and dock diving. We were so happy to win "best newcomer" at the recognitions awards. Everyone was so kind and welcoming to us! We are definitely excited to come back next year!

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Photo Credit: Catherine Chiou

Mojito at Goldstock 2016

Mojito is a 3 year old golden retriever from Cleveland, OH. She LOVES to swim. After her parents heard about Goldstock from fellow members of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, they decided she would love it. Mojito had a great time at her first Goldstock playing at the lake, participating in the Olympics (and placing third in the sassy walk!) and of course, raising money for rescue.

Check out Mojito's Instagram page to see what other adventures she's been on.

Photo Credit: Kim Soldan