Agility Fun and Frolic at Goldstock

Disney agility jump.jpg

Back for our 7th year, we’re planning to do things a bit differently this time around.

Saturday morning 10:00 am – 11:30 am: The Agility Demo

  • Introduction to agility – we’ll explain some of the basics, and how to get your dog started in this fun game.

  • Disney, and hopefully some of her friends, will run a demo course to give you an idea of what your dog can learn.

  • Then we’ll open up the field & equipment to all dogs who want to try their paw at some of the obstacles. No experience necessary – but bring some treats or toys to motivate and reward your pooch.

Saturday 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm: Train with Disney

  • Disney knows that over the years a lot of her Goldstock pals have been taking lessons and starting to compete! We’ll set up some sample sequences consisting of jumps, tunnels and weave poles to practice our skills for competition. Challenges will be appropriate for all experience levels.

  • This session will have only 1 dog on course at a time, similar to attending a match or run thru. Course maps will be provided so you can plan your run strategy. Feel free to stop by anytime during the afternoon session to run your dog.

As usual, all agility equipment will remain setup all weekend at the track & field, and we invite everyone to play or practice at your leisure. Additionally, all agility equipment (including training items like cones, balance boards, platforms, etc) can be used as props for dogs doing AKC Trick Testing.

All of this – always free, always fun. But if you enjoy our activities donations to our rescues are always welcome!

Event Coordinator: Marian Hrycyk