Lure Coursing at Goldstock


The lure course is new and improved this year! It's going to be similar to an AKC/UKC style course in the open soccer field with no obstacles and gentle turns. The first straightaway will be timed (similar to a FAST CAT), and then the dogs will run a large oval-shaped course around the field so that you can catch them at the same place where they were released.

Location is at the soccer field below the track and behind the silent auction building— same place as last year. Even if your dogs don't run, please stop by-- it's great fun to watch!

For those of you who haven't tried lure coursing yet, it's a fun dog sport where your dog chases a lure on a motorized pulley system around a field, tracking the lure through turns and straightaways. Greg and Paula do UKC trials and AKC club fun runs, so this is a great way to introduce your dog to the sport-- or just have fun! If you need help with catching or releasing your dog like I do, there's always help around to do that.

The runs will be timed this year, which adds something new-- awards! The awards ceremony with rosettes will be held Sunday at the course before dinner at 5:00pm, with awards for fastest dog in each size division (puppy, under 25, 50 and under, over 50, over 100), slowest dog, and some other fun categories, so don't miss it if your dog runs.

Please make sure to keep your dogs leashed when near the field for their safety and the safety of the dogs running. Puppies may run the straightaway with no turns to avoid stressing them.

Schedule and fees are as follows. Times are approximate, if there are still dogs in line, the course won't close until all dogs are through.

Course Fees:

1 run: $10
3 runs: $25
Unlimited runs: $35


10am until 12pm
2:00pm until 5:30pm


10am until 12pm
2:00pm until 5:30pm


*no morning session*
1pm to 4pm
-break to add totals-
5pm: AWARDS! (NEW)

Event Coordinator: Susan Murtha