2019 Candle Ceremony and Slideshow


Part of the tradition at Goldstock is the Candle Ceremony when we pause to remember our pets and friends who have passed on during the year, and when we offer healing thoughts for our ailing friends, both human and canine. I try to keep up during the year, and at this point, there are 53 slides made.

If you would like your pet remembered during the ceremony, please send me an email at teamfur@ptd.net. This is what you need to include.

Candle Two: We light this candle to honor our pets who have passed on since last year’s Goldstock. PLEASE respect this time frame! For this candle, I will need a photo of your animal, be it canine, feline, equine, fish, amphibian, rodent or snake. Yes, we have had all these types of animals remembered. It is best if it is easy to see the animal. If you send a photo of 4 dogs, I worry I will not choose the right one! If possible, please include the dates of birth and of death, as well as who the animal is remembered by. I cannot include a phrase like, “loved by everyone who ever met him…,” otherwise there won’t be enough room on the slide for the picture! (Example: Nigel, June 14, 2001 – February 21, 2017, loved by Katie Dyer)

Candle Three: This Candle offers healing thoughts for sick animals. Please include what the animal’s illness is, and who it is that is offering healing thoughts. NO PHOTO.

Candle Six: We light this candle to honor human family members and friends who have passed during the year. Again, a photo featuring that person, the person’s dates, and who s/he is remembered by.

Candle 7: This candle offers healing thoughts for sick humans. Again, if the person is comfortable with sharing, you may include that person’s illness, and who it is that is offering healing thoughts. NO PHOTO.

I need this information as soon as possible. I know that tragedy always strikes the day before Goldstock, but if you have already experienced a loss, let me know now, please. Because of other commitments, I need all this information by August 15th. As I have done for the past several years, I will put the Candle Ceremony slideshow and booklet on line. Late entrants might not make it.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Katie Dyer, Windsor, Torch, and Gunther