Wearing of Teal at Goldstock

While Goldstock is first and foremost about the dogs, it is also about the people. People you see once a year become family. As family we support each other in good times and bad. My bad time happened 9 years ago. That was the one and only Goldstock I missed since 2001. That year I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

That year my friends at Goldstock tried as best they could to include me. A card was passed around camp and signed by hundreds??? A DVD was made of the the activities and goings on. (Including a nasuea inducing golf cart ride sequence). And my shopping friends instituted a buy one get one for Terry policy. If they found a must have item they got me one too!!! Love my Goldstock family.

Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest of the gynecological cancers. 95% of woman diagnosed won't survive 5 years. Some how, some way I was diagnosed at Stage 1. Only 10% of women get this lucky. At this stage the survival rate is 95%.

Being one if the chosen few I feel it is my obligation to spread info about ovarian cancer to help other women learn the signs and symptoms, so that maybe they too can beat the odds. As it turns out September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and the first Friday of September is National Wear Teal Day. Teal is the color of Ovarian cancer.

Guess where I am almost every Wear Teal Day! While technically Friday at Goldstock may not be September yet, I still wear teal to promote awareness, and most of camp dons their best teal apparel too! It touches my heart and I hope educates my fellow campers.

So if you're coming up to camp this year - pack something teal!

Written by: Terry Miguel Veiga