Lure Course at Goldstock

We have some more information for the lure course now that we're getting everything set for this weekend.

Location will be in the field below the track. Please come check us out!

The course will be running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and I'll be taking photos of the dogs running the course. If there's demand for running the course on Monday morning, we will open it then.

Cost is $10 per run OR $25 for a wristband that's good all weekend. Runs consist of about 7-8 laps for most adult dogs. Younger puppies (under 6 months) run fewer laps, and seniors (over 8 or so) also run fewer laps. You're welcome on the course with your dogs to help them along and encourage them.

Photos will be available to view and will be printed right at the course (unless I mess something up, LOL). For right now, it looks like I'll have 5x7 prints, 3.5x5 prints, and digital files available. Pricing will be between $15-$40 depending on what you select.

I do suggest that you put a collar or well-secured bandana on your dogs when they run to help with identification-- our dogs look alike when they're wet and when they're running.

If you are not familiar with lure courses click here to see video from some of our past events.

See you all soon!

Susan Murtha -- Event Coordinator