Grooming Services at Goldstock Camp

Autumn Valley Golden Retriever Rescue has been attending Goldstock since the beginning except for one year when it clashed with the Golden Retriever Club of America’s National Specialty. We started off small with just me grooming and things expanded from there as our group grew. Grooming back in the day was usually from morning until dinner time and it was done on the deck of the rec hall.  I remember not even stopping for lunch and Jenny O’Brien would bring me food and hand feed it to me. Those were the days J . Then we moved the grooming to under the back deck for a few years and now we have a setup in the garage area of the rec hall. Groomers from the past were Cheryl Minnier & Jane Fish. We had some very hairy Goldens to groom and one we nicknamed the Yak. It took all three of us to get the job done. Along came Brenda Woodard, Carol Dunn, Joe Anne Goodling & Eileen Hoyson to name a few that helped with the grooming. We groom mostly Goldens and have attempted at times other breeds. I even went so far as to groom Buddy’s Newfie.

We will once again have Nancy's dog treats for sale. We will also be offering drinks at Trivia Night. Not sure what drinks Judy & Jo Ann will be serving but probably wine, pina coladas and possibly margueritas. Grooming will also be available Friday thru Sunday. Times on Friday will be 1-4, Saturday & Sunday 10 thru 4. If you would like to make an appointment, pm me or email me at Carol Dunn & Eileen Hoyson have graciously offered to help with grooming. Eileen will be grooming on Saturday from 9-11. Carol Dunn will be grooming on Saturday for a few hours but I don't have times for her yet. For newbies that are interested, your dog must be dry. I will do a moderate comb out, nails & trimming of feet, ears and tail. I will have dryers there to dry your dog before grooming. There is no set fee. Whatever you wish to donate is welcomed. That's all for now.