Portraits by Savannah Simon

Goldstock portraits are happening again!

Savannah is making a few changes this year, in hopes to fit in more people.

Last year she asked for a $10 dollar donation for 15 minutes, however she doesn't think a single person/dog utilized the entire 15 minutes. So this year she's asking for a $10 donation for 3-5 high quality images.

Also, she will not be coordinating time slots this year. Once the official schedule of events comes out, she'll decide when she will be hanging out by the dock (next to the pool, same as last year.) and she'll photograph anyone that’s passing through and interested.

Per usual, she's open to ideas, tips and suggestions!

(Please remember to pack any props you might want to use in your portrait session)

If you'd like to see some of her other work you can check her out and follow her amazing photography at The Well Collared Pup on Facebook.