Golf Cart Update

For those of you interested in renting a cart this year, here are the preliminary instructions so far:

You will have a choice from 3 carts - two seater, four seater or utility cart. We still have to confirm pricing but it should be the same or close to last years pricing, 2 seater -- $164.50 and 4 seater or utility cart -- $185.50. 

Since we're still in the early stages, for now please send Marie an email at letting her know which one you want.

DO NOT SEND MONEY YET!! Those instructions will be announced once we have a preliminary count confirmed.

Right now, she is only interested in getting a count for the type of carts she will need to order for all of us.

We have plenty of time but she wants to be sure they reserve the type of carts we'll need for our weekend.

If you have any questions regarding the carts, please submit your question using our contact page and a volunteer will respond as soon as possible. Or you can join our Facebook group page if you haven't already and chat with fellow Goldstockers, one of the veteran campers in the group will probably give you an answer.

Please have patience and remember that Marie is a VOLUNTEER and rents a cart just like you. She does this as a friendly service so that we all, including her family, can get around camp as easily as possible. There will be many of us with carts, so be mindful of the required safety of these carts and know that they can overturn easily. 

This is supposed to be a very relaxing weekend - don't rush anywhere and we will all be safe!

Goldstock Admin