Official Goldstock Bandannas and a Little About Me and Why


A bit long...but read to the end for the bandannas!

Since there are so many newbies coming, I just wanted to take a minute to explain a little Goldstock history and who it is that is sending all these emails :-)

I'm Gail Lustig, and my family used to own Camp was built by my dad...which is where Goldstock is held.  When we sold the camp 10 years ago, the #1 condition of the sale was that the new owners would allow me to continue to run Goldstock over Labor Day weekend, at a minimal charge, to enable rescue groups to come and unwind, share war stories, make new friends, and most importantly (well,other than all the fun the dogs have), be able to raise money for rescue.  The first Goldstock had 50 attendees in 1998, and raised about $2,000..we now have well over 200 attendees and 100's of dogs, all coming together for a common purpose.

I started in golden retriever rescue about 30 years ago, but quickly learned that there were wonderful dogs dying every day in this country, and it seemed that there wasn't enough help for all the others that were not fortunate enough to be born as goldens.  Yes, golden rescue does an amazing job, but sadly, there is not the same help for many others.  So...all breed it became.  My #1 love will always be goldens, and I will always have #2?  Probably pitties, the most misunderstood breed there is.  So, I run Goldstock, and we have mostly goldens, but I like to think that we all can support all golden hearted dogs, whatever they look like on the outside!  I have worked with Coweta County Animal Services in Newnan, Georgia for about 15 years, and 3 years ago I moved to Newnan so I could be up close and personal.

My very dear friend Chris Garcia (foster mom extraordinaire) does the drive from Newnan, GA to Lakewood, PA to make sure I get to Lakewood in one piece...along with Tori, my personal golden girl.

Chris and her husband Pat work hard to help support all breed rescue, and this year Chris is making the official Goldstock bandannas.  All money raised through these sales will go to help the many shelter dogs, mostly in the south, who are at risk of euthanasia every single day.  Those of us who help these dogs are dealing with overcrowded shelters, serious health issues (like heartworms), and a part of the world where not everyone loves their dogs as we Goldstockers do.  It takes a village, and it takes a lot of fund is my point?

Chris works like a crazy sewing machine to make the bandannas and bow ties, and she'll be bringing them to Goldstock.  She is offering them in over a dozen Disney themed patterns, and she is taking pre-orders to make sure you get your favorite design.  They will be made in standard golden retriever size, so if you need a smaller (or larger) one, send Chris your dog's neck size to be sure she has one that will fit. for your dogs, your friends dogs, your cats, to decorate your golf carts and your cabins...everyone sold will help save a win/win.  Bandannas are only $5 each and 2 for $9; there will be a limited number of bow ties for $6 each, or 2 for $11.

Bandanna patterns are below (click to enlarge) ... please order by number!