Goldstock Creates Magic!

Odie participating in the Doggy Olympics at Goldstock 2014

Odie participating in the Doggy Olympics at Goldstock 2014

From Jessie and Dan;

Odie was given up to GRREAT Rescue at the age of one for aggression. Turns out that he had been loved and spoiled by his human family until they had a baby of their own.  After that he was ignored, neglected, and, when he made a mistake or acted out, he was physically corrected.  The owners used to grab the puppy by the collar and shake him!  By the time they gave him up to Rescue, his fear biting was well established; anytime someone reached for his collar, he reacted. 

We were his fourth foster home and the end of the line. He was a handful; not knowing good behavior and full of too much energy and not enough direction.  The day he bit my husband on the hand, we decided to adopt him ourselves rather than let him be PTS. 

It hasn't been easy; in-home dog training, behavior modification, tricks classes, meds, etc.  Odie had to learn to trust us and to channel the energy and frustration that he never learned how to deal with.  He has come a very long way and we have all learned so much.  We couldn't be more proud of him, and more grateful to be part of the Golden Rescue community for taking him in.

Odie came to Goldstock for the first time in 2013.  We weren't sure how it would go; it's a very stimulating environment and there would be many new experiences and opportunities for him to make choices.  We hoped that we had worked with him enough that they would be good ones!

We introduced O to the lake for the first time and were very happy that he took to it, well, like a Golden Retriever.  He did so well playing around that we took a chance and entered him into the Fastest Swimmer contest at the Goldstock Olympics.

We cheered him through three heats and onto the final race where he took First Place!  

To see him go from a scared adolescent dog, full of confusion and anger, to a mature, happy, goofy Golden, able to play freely and behave well in a protected, dog-friendly environment, has meant so much.  

We still look back on that day and burst with love and pride for our boy!  

Goldstock creates magic.  It is a place where Goldens and their two-legged companions come to a richer understanding of each other, reach a deeper communication, and have a LOT of fun doing it!