Line Of Goldens Hoodie Pre-Order


GRREAT is bringing back our famous Line-Of-Golden Hoodies with an updated twist!! 


No more struggling to pull your hoodie over your head, no more getting your head stuck because you forgot to loosen the cinch, no more hair sticking out every which way,  AND built in air conditioner with a simple ziiiiiiiip!

Our new hoodies are made of super soft, medium weight material, perfect for walking your pups in the cool mountain air of GOLDSTOCK! Deep pockets hold keys, phone, and the all important assortment of poop bags.

Both the Men’s and Women’s styles have TEN color choices each and can be any size from XS to XXXL

Regular price is $45

Special GOLDSTOCK Pre-Order pricing is ONLY $35 and NO SHIPPING COST

Click here to place your order.

Order by August 15th to ensure you get the style, color, and size you want, and pick up at the GRREAT booth during Goldstock. **We will have a few extra with us but only pre-orders qualify for the special pricing and guarantee your preferred choice**