Help Support Rescue at Goldstock

If you haven't already, please like and share our Facebook page. As a grassroots event, with very limited funds, supported completely by volunteers, word of mouth is our life-line.

In the weeks leading up to camp the page is filled with all announcements you need to plan your weekend! And after camp is over it's filled with newly created memories of another Goldstock gone by. Liking and sharing is a free way for us to spread the word about Goldstock and how it supports Rescues all over the country.

And speaking of supporting rescue, remember that the number one mission of Goldstock is to support rescue! It's the only reason Goldstock exists.  While you're having fun and enjoying the amenities the campground has to offer from the lake to the open fields, please remember that the entire event is run by volunteers that take time out of their stay at Goldstock to do poop patrol or help rescue organizations man their vendor booths. It's all to ensure that camp runs as smoothly as possible so people want to come back to support rescue year after year. Interested in rolling up your sleeves at camp? Please mention it on your registration form. Or ask someone to point you in the direction of Gail Lustig, the founder of Goldstock.  She will be more then happy to show you around, introduce you to everyone and put you to work. 😃

Every event, every booth, and every contest at Goldstock is sponsored by rescues or people that care enough about Rescue to create and support an event where the proceeds are donated to the cause. Much time and effort is put into every event at Goldstock so please make an effort to support as many as you can.

With that in mind here are some tips on how you can support rescues at Goldstock;

  1. Set a dollar amount of how much you will spend over the course of the weekend. Camp is kept inexpensive on purpose so that you spend ALL your money on Rescue.
  2. Even if you don't need tchachkis or have everything already spend your $$ on raffles or sweetest dog.
  3. Support EVERY rescue. Make sure to buy something from every rescue booth in the rec center. And if there's nothing you want then just donate to the rescue running the table.
  4. Always keep some cash in your pocket for when you get asked to vote for sweetest dog, or to buy a raffle ticket or when you see the mimosa mobile!! 😃
  5. LIVE AUCTION. This is not something you should skip. It brings a lot of money into the participating rescues that have items on the block. This is where you can get something truly unique and lots of hand crafted items. It may be more expensive, but maybe that's where you spend all your $$. Even if you think you're not going to buy, it's still a lot of fun to watch and you might get swept up in the moment!! And you might spot the mimosa mobile!! 😃
  6. SILENT AUCTION: This is the PERFECT EVENT if you have something you want to donate to a Rescue as an auction item. Doesn't cost you a dime to go through your attic and find an item that you think someone may want to buy. Keep it small but pack it in the car and when you get to camp you can always find a rescue to donate it to. Anything dog related is usually pretty popular!!

Please, please make sure to come to both the live and silent auctions!

Thank you for choosing to come to Goldstock this year and choosing to support Rescue and we will see you all real soon!!!