Goldstock Tips

For those that are coming to camp for the first time, here are some tips put together by some of our Veteran campers. We highly recommend that you join our Facebook Community where you can ask questions and see what others are doing to prepare for camp. It's also a great place to stay up to date on all things Rescue and stay in touch with all of your new friends from camp!

"Goldens tend to all look alike when they are wet. So when you bring your dog to the lake always put them in a bright collar or bandana. Believe me you will thank me when you realize everyone else's dog is coming to you but yours." -- Ruth

Many of us have been coming for many years so introduce yourselves. Just sit down at a table in the dining hall and say Hi, can I join you. Get involved in the activities and have fun with your dog." -- Ruth

"Camp weather is a little unpredictable. Some years it's been freezing at night and other years HOT. Best prepare for all scenarios. I think some cabins have one fan. But we usually bring fans with us. And coolers for people drinks and dog food. I know a lot of people that bring small cube fridges to keep the dog food.  If it rains we play everything by ear." -- Terry

"We leave early enough in the morning to get there in time for lunch. Food is only available at mealtimes, so if you miss lunch you have to wait until dinner. I bring an old bath mat to put outside my shower - and flip flops for in the shower. For the cabin bathroom you'll probably want a bottle of hand soap and paper towels. Bring snacks to have in the cabin." -- Terry

"I always visit the bank before camp and get lots of singles. Always carry a check. Bring those address labels you have sitting at home. Much easier to put a sticker on a raffle ticket than filling it out." -- Debbie

"I also bring a space heater for those early morning heating system to warm that chilly place." -- Georgie

"NEWBIE TIP FOR THE LAKE. As you come down the road keep your dog on leash until you get to the beach. The area right at the end of the road is swampy and mucky. Excited dogs will go right in there and it's not pretty. Keep your dogs over by the docks and you will be fine. Tennis balls are provided all weekend by the way on your way down pick some up at Holly's Magic Chair." -- Ruth