2017 Goldstock Electrical Panel Update

2017 Goldstock Electric panel update for the NJ & NY compound (RV Lots 1 & 2)

The electric panel will be hung on the fence, about 20 feet further away than where it was in the past.

There are 11 30-amp RV outlets, each on a 15 amp breaker. At the present time there is only 60 amps total available to the panel. So you will not be able to run high current items, such as AC units. Each RV should not have to share an outlet as in the past. So keep in mind, 11 RV’s could be sharing 60 amps.

You will need a standard RV 30 amp power cord to connect to the panel. It looks like this;


You will need to bring sufficient power cords to reach the panel. You should plan on about 20-30 feet more then you have needed in the past. If you have not been to the NJ-NY RV compound before, we recommend bringing at least 100’ of extension cords. If you don’t have a proper 30-amp RV cord long enough, at the minimum a 12 gauge extension cord can be used with a proper RV 30-amp male to 15-amp female adapter could be used. If you need more than one extension cord, water tight cord connectors should be used. We will have 5-6 cord connectors available at camp for $5 each.

30-amp male to 15-amp female RV adapters:

Amazon links to a few different adapters;


30-amp connector box (or make your own with plastic food containers)


Costco has the best deal on 12 gauge extension cords but Home Depot carries them and here's a link to 10 and 12 gauge 100’ extension cords.

Cord connectors, there will be 6 of these available at camp for $5 each.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us at GoldstockRV@gmail.com