Camping and RVing at Goldstock

General information :
Goldstock offers unique opportunities for “camping” at a private campground with your choice of rooming with groups of like minded, dog crazy people in the camp cabins, pitching your own tent “up on the hill” or with your personal or rented RV.

If you choose to RV at Goldstock, keep in mind that Camp Weequahic is primarily a summer children’s camp, and the camp does not have RV facilities. Our hosts have allowed RV’ers almost since the beginning of Goldstock 20 years ago, but we are pretty much on our own.

Keep an open mind and be flexible and your RV experience will be like no other. Like the rest of Camp Goldstock, the RV workers are volunteers and do their best to assist. There are no assigned sites for RV’s. But, it has been customary that prior year RV’ers retained the space they were in previously.

There are 5 general areas where RV’s can set up.

  1. The first lot on the left of the main driveway has been mostly people from New Jersey.
  2. The first lot on the left of the secondary driveway has typically been occupied by a group from Long Island.
  3. The second lot on the left of the secondary driveway has a few regulars and usually 1 -3 newcomers.
  4. The area along the main road inside the camp after the main entrance. Regulars and newcomers.
  5. In the grass parking field across the street from camp.

The campground is in a hilly area of Northeast PA and the camp is hilly as well. Most RV’s will need some form of leveling, whether it is 2x8 boards, the plastic stacking blocks or the fancy hydraulic levelers. As an RV’er you will be expected to bring your own materials for leveling. There is no guarantee that there will be any lumber laying around for your use.

So far we have been able to accommodate everything from the smallest pop-ups to 40’ 5th wheels.

RV Electric:
Electric service is minimal. The New Jersey group has made up portable power panels that supply electric to 4 of the RV sections, Lot’s 1, 2, 3 & 4. Lot 5 will require solar power, onboard generators or quiet standalone generators (Honda type). You can expect about 10-15 amps of power. Enough for your lights and battery chargers and maybe some fans. There is not enough power to run AC units.

As the panels are remote and limited to 1 per area, you will need proper extension cords. We suggest at a minimum you bring 100’ of 12 gauge extension cords, or bigger. You may only need 25’, the odds are really good you will need at least 50’ and 100’ is not that unusual.

Check back here before leaving for camp for changes in Lot 1 & 2 electric. Currently (pun intended) the power panel will be relocated for 2017 and will be at the stockade fence. It will be approximately 25-30 feet further away then what you are accustomed to. The plan is to have 30 amp RV style plug connections. It will be 30 amp in plug style only, you will still be limited to 10-15 amps.

Although not likely, but if you get to camp before Duane and Debbie from New Jersey or Pam and Keith from Delaware, you will not have electric available to you.

Potable water:
You will not be able to have a “water hookup”. We suggest you bring full freshwater tanks with you unless you are willing to do a little work to get water.

There are three locations for water.
Lots 1&2 have access to a water spigot near the end of the porch at the main dining hall. You will need a 75’ – 200’ of hose to use this spigot. We typically share hoses as few people can carry that much hose.
Lot 3 has a water spigot located beneath the electric panel. 50’-100’ of hose is typical.
Lot 4 has a water spigot along the right side of the main rally hall (registration building). You will need 75’-100’ of hose.
Lot 5 – you’re on your own

There may be a portable 25 gallon tank that can be shuttled around on a golf cart.

Gray and black water holding tanks:
There is no dump station or sewer facilities at this camp. There are commercial campgrounds in the surrounding areas and the closest one is the Honesdale KOA, about 14 miles south of camp.

If you do not want to use your holding tanks, there are bathrooms in the main buildings as well as showers.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at