Lottery Basket Raffle

We are raffling a basket that contains $100 worth of NJ Lottery scratch-offs of various denominations. The goal of the auction is to encourage everyone to spend money with our vendors in the activity center so here are the guidelines and rules for entering.

  • For every $5 spent with any vendors (includes baked goods for doggies and humans, and grooming services), you will receive a lottery ticket for the basket.
  • Vendors will be given notepads to provide receipts. (Vendors please see Ronnie/Cris if you need a reciept booklet)
  • Ronnie or Cris will come to the dining hall during meal times to exchange your receipts for auction tickets. Also, our RV is parked behind the dining hall building, so feel free to stop by and say hi! You may not know us, but chances are you have seen Maya, our deaf Great Dane, so we are pretty hard to miss when we are with her.
  • Tickets can also be purchased. (Proceeds from ticket sales will be distributed by a raffle for rescues in attendance.) Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.
  • Spending with the vendors is the best way to get free tickets!
  • Drawing will be held at dinner on the last night. Winner will get the lottery basket. Tickets can be redeemed by mail if you do not live in NJ.
  • Any cash collected will be distributed by raffle to rescues that are present. Registered rescues will be entered into the drawing. Winner of the lottery basket will get to pick the winning tickets to decide which Rescue will receive the cash prize.
Ronnie, Cris and Maya

Ronnie, Cris and Maya

Rules for Lottery Basket Raffle

  1. Totals are rounded down to nearest $5. (e.g. Spend $14, get 2 tickets)
  2. We are bringing 2 rolls (4000 tickets) with us. We are hoping that should be more than enough, but when they are gone, we are done. Make sure to get your tickets early so you don’t miss out on the lottery basket raffle!
  3. Any cash collected from the sale of tickets will be distributed by a raffle to rescues that are in attendance. We will get the registered rescue names from Gail. Each rescues name will be placed on a ticket for the drawing. The number of winners drawn will depend on how much money is collected. Be sure to check with us at Goldstock to make sure we have you are on the list if you are attending as a rescue.