Astronomy 101 at Goldstock

Last year at Goldtsock's science class, we learned about atoms and all the tiny building blocks and reactions between them that make up our world. This year, we'll be focusing on the biggest picture - the observable universe. More specifically, our solar system and the stars. We'll be learning about the planets and the distance between them using common materials. We will also learn about the different kinds of stars and learn more about the Milky Way. Several interactive learning activities are planned.

Weather permitting, you are welcome to bring your telescopes, if you have one, for a planned stargazing session later that night.

If you are interested in Astronomy and learning more about outer space, please make the time in your schedule to attend this class. Class is open to adults and kids alike.

Time and date TBA. We would like to get a reasonable head count as we get closer to Goldstock so we have enough materials for everyone. If you are interested in participating please click below to sign up.

Event Coordinator: Leif Connor