Golf Cart Update and PRICES

GOOD NEWS -- WE WILL HAVE ENOUGH CARTS FOR EVERYONE that previously sent an e-mail reserving a cart. If you did not previously reserve a cart and are interested in a golf cart, please email Marie Sciscione at and let her know if you want a two seater, four seater or utility cart and she will let you know if there are any carts left to reserve.

The pricing is the SAME as last year;

2 seater -- $164.50
4 seater or Utility -- $185.50

So for those of you who are serious about renting, please submit your name to Marie at the address above, who will be driving, and the type of cart you want, i.e. 2 seater, 4 seater, etc. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT YET. She just needs to get a head count to see how many carts we will need. Remember, if you can't follow her simple instructions, you cannot rent a cart. Until payment, no one is guaranteed a cart."

Finally, Marie is a VOLUNTEER and rents a cart just like you. She does this as a friendly service so that we all, including her family, can get around camp as easily as possible. Remember, there will be about 50 of us with carts, so be mindful of the required safety of these carts and know that they can overturn easily.  This is supposed to be a very relaxing weekend-don't rush anywhere!

Goldstock Admin