Goldstock 2017 . . . Getting Close

I'm so excited to welcome all the "newbies" that have already registered...can't wait to meet all of you, and especially your pups.  After all, Goldstock is really all about them!

Just a reminder, all "golden hearted" dogs are welcome...not just goldens,  and not just rescues.  After all, last year's Sweetest Dogs were a "gorkie" and a everyone is welcome, as long as you remember we're all about helping rescue and the dogs that are not as fortunate as the ones who get to vacation at Goldstock.

For those of you who have not yet registered, our website is:, and you can register on line.

Although Goldstock is mostly fun and new friends, the most moving evening is Sunday, when we have the Candle Ceremony.  Huge thanks to Katie Dyer who has put the beautiful booklet and slide show together for us for so very many years.  Here's all the info from Katie:

I am again compiling the Candle Ceremony booklet and slide show. 

Candle Two remembers those pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge since last Goldstock. If you have a pet in this category, please send a photo, dates (birth and Bridge), and who your pet is remembered by. Try to keep the “Loved by…” to one or two names.

Candle Three is for pets who are ailing. Do not send a photo.

Candle Six honors members of our human family who have passed on since last Goldstock. Please send me a photo, birth and death dates, and “loved by…”

Candle Seven offers healing thoughts to members of our human family who are ill. Please send me the person’s name, who is honoring him, and what the condition is.

Please send all info to me at

I will post the slideshow and candle ceremony booklet on line close to Goldstock. Please do NOT ask me to send you a booklet.

Katie and Team Fur

Please email me at this address: if you have any pressing questions.  Please be patient with me, as I don't always get back to people as quickly as I would like to.  I actually still have a full time job and spend most of my free time at our local shelter.

Stay tuned....

Gail Lustig
Founder of Goldstock