PokeDoG GOLD -- It's PokeMon but with Dogs

Hello Goldstockers! This year I am heading a living scavenger hunt using the theme of a recent and very successful game, Pokémon Go. I am calling it Pokédog Gold! Don't worry, you don't need to know anything about pokémon to play this really fun game at camp. The idea of the game is the same: Come across and discover all the pokédogs in your travels at camp and ask their trainers (owners) their secret answers to: What is their pokédog thankful for? All pokédogs will have small pokéballs on their collars. You can also ask other aspiring trainers if you can swap answers to fill out your list more quickly. I am hoping that this will get a lot of people talking to each other and building friendships with other campers. If you complete your list and hand it in, you will be awarded the coveted Master Trainer Rescue card. There will be a suggested registration fee of $5.00 for adults to play (kids will play for free). I say suggested because this is for rescue and a donation - feel free to donate more if you would like to. All monies collected will benefit Peppertree Rescue. There will be more information about how to go about signing up at camp in the near future. Below are the basic rules for the game.

Leif Connor -- Goldstock Volunteer