Tigertail Cookies at Goldstock

This year the incredibly generous folks at Tigertail Foods are donating all profits from the sale of Tigertail cookies at Goldstock to the Montana's Precious Gold. You can pick up your order at Goldstock, if you are lucky enough to be spending Labor Day Weekend surrounded by Goldens! OR if you can't make it to camp you can still order your Tigertail Treats and have them sent directly to your home. Easy-breezy, your dog gets great treats and you are supporting MPG Rescue at the same time! Orders being picked up at camp need to be placed no later than August 10, 2016 to ensure delivery at camp.

TIGERTAIL FOODS is a holistic pet food and treat company. It uses only human-grade ingredients that come from trusted sources. You might not want to share with your dogs!


Savory Blend (Bacon & Egg, Liver Pate, Cheese Pizza)
Comfort Blend (Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato Pie, Gingerbread)
Peanut Butter Blend (Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Bacon, Peanut Butter Banana)
Breakfast Blend ( Bacon & Egg, Apple Danish, French Crepes, Honey Almond)
Almost Kosher Blend (Mondel Brodt, Kugel, Cheese Blintz)

Individual flavors; All flavors in the blends may be requested individually as well as a special Goldstock Blend: The All American Blend (red is BBQ Ribs, white is Coconut Cream, and blue is Bluebaerry Pie). YUMM!! Because of last year's record sales we are reprising "Blueberry Pie" as an individual flavor while supplies last! We CANNOT guarantee last minute requests so get your orders in in early.

1 23 oz bag, $15.50, 2 for $29.00
1 13 oz bag $10.50, 2 for $19.00

If you are pre-ordering for pick up at camp please send all orders to Rascallab@Juno.com and mark all e-mails "Goldstock"

Please include flavor(s), size of bags, how many of each bag you would like and who will be picking up your order at camp.

We cannot guarantee last minute requests for camp pick up so please get your orders in by August 10, 2016.