Flying Eggs and Mad Scientists at Goldstock

A Message from our resident mad scientist;

I will be running the Mad Science class again this year. I think it's going to be at 4:00 on Saturday.

I'm still finalizing events (I'm retired AND I'm on vacation so I'm not moving so fast) but I want to give the kids a little time to think how they want to build their egg flyer.

Yup, we're flying eggs this year so start thinking how you're going to protect your egg when we drop it from 2', 4', and 10' in the air! I'll bring some supplies like cardboard egg cartons and paper towels and string but if you want bubble wrap or tissue or balloons I suggest you bring it. Parents, if you have any stuff laying around the house, please bring it for our budding aviators.

We're also going to fly specially shape homemade paper airplanes on air currents created by cardboard. It's so cool! Adults will be wanting to try this one!

Event Coordinator: Lois Hottinger DiMarzio