2015 Doggie Olympics at Goldstock Camp

Come cheer on your favorite golden athlete! Registration is $7.00 per event or $30 for all 5 events.  

Sign up in the Dining Hall Sunday morning before the Olympics. Early registration can also be done with Lois DiMarzio or Susan Trotto at the Geriatric Cabin (down the hill behind the Activity Center) anytime and you can enjoy some unique refreshments while you register!

Prizes – Gold, Silver, & Bronze medals in each event. Winners announced during Sunday dinner: Overall high score Olympics Champion and Reserve for 3 categories: Open dog, Rescue dog, & Senior dog (8+). Plus this year we will have extra medals for some very special awards!!!!!!!


RIGHTEOUS RETRIEVER: Your dog works in heats of 3-4 retrieving a tennis ball or some favorite object thrown by your partner. On a signal from the referee, you send your dog to retrieve the object, which means return it to you and not head back to the cabin – or the lake! Winners of each heat have a runoff for the medals. Location: Grassy Area

UNDER THE BIG TOP: A sit/stay event where all dogs are in a circle facing out and you are at the end of the 6 foot leash. Lots of bribable distractors are trying to get your pup to break by any means except using the pup’s name. More green pieces of paper with pictures of presidents means less distracting! Location: Grassy Area

MIDWAY MAZE: NEW for 2015: 2-3 dogs at a time along with you will go through identical, side by side, obstacle courses while you balance a tennis ball in a spoon. Course may include a weave, a down on command, a sit/stay for about 5 seconds, and possibly? Drop the tennis ball and you are out. 

Winners of heat will have run-off for medals. Once again, judges can help you with a dropped tennis ball as those same green papers seem to put the ball back in the spoon! Location: Grassy Area


DOCK DIVING: Dog jumps off dock retrieving a tennis ball or some favorite object which you throw. Judges are in the water with a tape measure to judge the jump. CAUTION – as our judges aren’t getting 
any younger and their eyesight is failing (they have been judging this for about 10 years now) we have found that they do a lot better at seeing those pieces of green paper with the presidents on them! We have found that many jumps are vastly improved when the judges can see better. (Dock diving not recommended for young puppies). Location: Lake

FASTEST SWIMMER: 3- 4 dogs race at a time for a tennis ball thrown from the dock. Dog MUST wait for tennis ball to hit the water AND bring it back to you while you are on the shore, not in the water. Can be fun when one dog gets it first but stops to shake while still in the water, resulting in another dog fetching and bringing it in! Winners of the heats have a swim-off for the medals. Location: Lake

The Olympics are loosely run by the Geriatrics, predominantly Lois & John DiMarzio and Sue & Phil Trotto. The events get looser every year as we get older. Geriatric judges are VERY influenced by green paper with pictures of presidents on them. Numbers miraculously change when lots of presidents (especially Jackson) appear before their eyes.

The Olympics are all in fun to raise money for rescue. Sue and Lois try to be *somewhat* legitimate for first place, but their eyesight is going bad. The order of events is determined by the weather gods.