Help GRRI-NJ, Autumn Valley and LIGRR with Rescuing Turkey's Forgotten Dogs

They’re Coming to America This Fall!

Ten beautiful Golden Retrievers are coming in September!

They’re known as Turkey’s Forgotten Dogs.  Upwards of 50,000 dogs are homeless and roaming the streets or living out their lives in one of 32 shelters in Istanbul, Turkey.  It’s estimated that approximately 500 of these orphaned dogs are Golden Retrievers.  The picture shown on the left is from one of the shelters in Istanbul.

Is this how we want Goldens to live?

They’re mostly young – under 5 years old.  The older ones either succumb to the elements or are killed by feral dog packs.  

A concerned American living in Istanbul saw these roaming dogs and contacted Adopt A Golden Atlanta asking for help. After an exhaustive 4 month process, the first 36 goldens set foot on American soil earlier this year. An additional 15 were brought over in June.

GRRI-NJ heard of this desperate need and decided that it must join this rescue effort.  Six dogs are coming to our rescue.  Autumn Valley Golden Retriever Rescue has also joined, and will take an additional four. So that’s 10 goldens being rescued. 

Our GRRI volunteers will be on hand to greet them, and then they’ll be moved to a kennel where they’ll be bathed and groomed.  One of our rescue friendly veterinarians will perform a thorough wellness exam.  Any additional care will be provided if needed. Then it will be time to go to their foster-to-adopt or foster homes.  We don’t want these dogs spending longer than necessary in the kennel. They’re used to roaming freely and the confinement could be very stressful to them.

How can you help?

In order to continue to save these Goldens in Turkey, we'll need your monetary support.  Please donate to the Save a Turkey Dog effort  at the  GRRI-NJ booth located in the Activity Center at camp.  The money raised will be put towards this rescue effort for GRRI-NJAutumn Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue.

Eileen McFadden, GRRI-NJ Turkey Dog Rescue Effort Coordinator