Portraits by Savannah Simon

Over the course of the weekend our very own Savannah Simon will be doing 15 minute portrait sessions for a $10.00 donation to a rescue yet to be determined.

To ensure that Flynn and her get some lake time, she's going to attempt to schedule time slots. Below you will find times she's looking to schedule, sunrise and sunsets are her favorite times but there are a few mid-day sessions available.

If you are interested in scheduling a session you can contact Savannah at S_Simon9312@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment at camp.

If you'd like to see some of her other work you can check her out and follow her amazing photography at The Well Collared Pup on Facebook!

Below are the time frames Savannah would like to schedule and word has it they are filling up fast so contact her soon if you would like an original Savannah Simon portrait.

Location is to be determined....

Friday evening-
* 4:00 - 
* 4:15 - 
* 4:30 - 
* 4:45 - 
* 5:00 - 
* 5:15 - 
* 5:30 -
* 5:45 - 
* 6:00
* 6:15 - 
* 6:30 -

* 8:30
* 8:45
* 9:00
* 9:15
* 9:30 - 
* 9:45 -

* 6:00
* 6:15
* 6:30
* 6:45 -
* 7:00 -
* 7:15

* 6:30
* 6:45
* 7:00
* 7:15
* 7:30
* 7:45

* 1:30
* 1:45
* 2:00
* 2:15
* 2:30
* 2:45
* 3:00
* 3:15
* 3:30 - Karen Jones
* 3:45 - ^^^
* 4:00 - Kim Seigler

Monday morning- 
* 6:30
* 6:45
* 7:00
* 7:15
* 7:30

This is my first year taking portraits, so please expect chaos and confusion... it's bound to happen 😂

Goldstock Special Edition Dog Discs

Stella catching a frisbee at Goldstock 2014.

Stella catching a frisbee at Goldstock 2014.

Disney is very excited that her brother is coming to play disc at Goldstock this year, but she wants all of her golden pals to practice safe disc! Did you know that cheap frisbees can be dangerous, especially for aggressive biters & chewers? Not to mention that they usually don’t last very long.

So she sniffed out a manufacturer that makes dog friendly (and dog safe!) discs, and that also supports non-profit fundraising events. Through their Hero Disc Fundraising program, we’re offering Goldstock customized, quality SuperHero discs. They will come in a variety of colors, and will be imprinted with the graphic shown below.

Cost is $12 each (plain discs of this quality normally sell for $15), and all proceeds will benefit GRRI-NJ. After all, Disney is a true Jersey Girl.

This is not pre-order but please comment below if you’re interested in a disc so we can estimate how many to have printed.

FURdry Towel from GRROWLS

GRROWLS (Golden Retriever Rescue Upstate New York) has a limited number of FURminator FurDry towels available for $20 each. This is a towel that your dog wears.

Keep bath and swim time clean and fun with this handy dog wrap from FURminator!

  • Made with unique microfiber technology
  • Wearable, secure, and safe
  • Machine washable; hang dry

Why We Love It:

We love the protection your car, furniture and golf cart will get from this unique dog towel and wrap. The FUR Dry Dog Towel by FURminator will dry your dog effortlessly with this patented solution that is wearable, secure, and safe. Reduce wet dog smell and decrease the anxiety from bathing with this one-of- a-kind dog wrap! Instructions for wear on packaging.

If you are interested in purchasing a towel for pick up at Goldstock, please email sales@grrowls.org and indicate size (Large or XLarge) and preferred color (lavender or blue). We will let you know if we have your size/color in stock and provide PayPal payment information. The towels are $20 each. Shipping added if not picked up at Goldstock. Measurements are from neck to base of tail. Large, up to 23 inches, XL up to 27 inches.