2018 Goldstock Olympics


The 2018 Goldstock Olympics will be held as usual Sunday Morning until Lunch. We will continue with the same events and rules as last year. We thought that they brought a lot of fun to all. We encourage all dogs to enter, let’s have fun, no matter the breed, ability or age. Go for it!!! Remember It’s all about having fun and raising money for rescue.

Land Events

Back by popular demand is THE SASSY WALK, Dress your dog in an amazing costume or just a fun bandana as we judge from behind. That’s the walking view. The Sassy Walk will also be the only event this year that accepts bribes. Yes, your dog can gain “Style” points with Benjamins, Lincolns, and even Franklins attached to their collar.

Dogs and handlers face each other in a circle. You put your dog in a sit and stay and the winners are the last three dogs sitting. There will be gradual distractions as the game continues so start practicing that sit stay. No bribes will be accepted this year. It’s true skill of obedience. Let the best dog win, and the best dog be out first.

After all that’s what goldens do, they run and retrieve. Axl and Rocky want you to know that Cows retrieve too; well at least they steal and run. You will need two humans to play this game so recruit a friend or we will find one for you no worries.

Water Events

Where we will have three classes. Puppies, Seniors, and Open. It’s a fast race for the tennis ball. The dog must bring the ball back to the handler. Balls cannot be dropped in the water and the handler go get it. If the ball is dropped it is free game for another dog.

This should be fun to watch this year as we have some real flyers and some very good floppers. All are welcome. The judges might come up with some special awards in this area for style of dive, but it’s going to be a game of skill this year as no bribes for extra inches allowed. This is a true competition of fun.

Let the GAMES begin. Entries remain the same $7.00 per event, $30.00 for all five events. Sign up at breakfast on Sunday. Remember It’s all about having fun and raising money for rescue.

The Goldstock Olympic Committee:

Terry Veiga
Jennifer Weaver
Brianna Best
Kim Nielsen
Ruth Osman

2018 Rescue Parade and Recognition of Senior Dogs

Held every year on the great lawn area in the center of camp this is a wonderful event and great opportunity to introduce our wonderful rescues to the joys of camp and hear their incredible stories. Or celebrate the beauty and grace of our senior dogs. It also gives us all a chance to make some new friends and catch up with old ones. 

The best part about participating in the parade is that all proceeds raised from entering your Rescue or Senior in the event will be donated to Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. If you would like to have your rescue or senior included in these event(s) please print out and submit the appropriate registration forms below and mail to Melanie Mayo at the address on each form. If you have any questions you can contact Melanie at ditrainer@aol.com.

Rescue Parade Registration Form (All rescue dogs are welcome in the parade)
Senior Parade Registration Form (All dogs 8-years-old and older are welcome in the parade)

All registration forms must be received by August 15, 2018 so that we can have time to put the program order together and order gifts for all the wonderful participants.

Golf Cart Update for Payment Information and Deadline

GOOD NEWS -- WE WILL HAVE ENOUGH CARTS FOR EVERYONE that previously sent an e-mail reserving a cart. If you did not previously reserve a cart and are interested in a golf cart, please email Marie Sciscione at Dotsy621@comcast.net and let her know if you want a two seater, four seater or utility cart and she will let you know if there are any carts left to reserve.

The pricing is the SAME as last year;

2 seater -- $164.50
4 seater or Utility -- $185.50

If you already reserved a cart now is the time to mail in your money and waiver form. The following instructions need to be adhered to exactly. Any deviation will result in your cart reservation being canceled.

  1. Send a Cashier's Check OR Money Order (NO PERSONAL CHECKS) to Marie along with your signed and dated waiver in the same envelope. Click here if you need to download waiver form.

    Mail address:
    Marie Sciscione
    16 Windy Manor Court
    Baldwin, Maryland 21013
  2. All payments must reach Marie NO LATER THAN Wednesday, August 8, 2018. Any payment past that date will result in a canceled order.
  3. Do not overnight the payment because Maire will not pick it up at the post office - her post office is 20 minutes from her home.
  4. Frequently look on the Goldstock FaceBook page for updates from Marie.  She will let you know when she receives your payment.
  5. Marie will let you know when you get to camp the hours and dates of cart pickup.  The golf cart agreement has nothing to do with Camp Goldstock's dates of operation. All golf cart service is handled independently from the camp. You are paying for cart service from Friday, August 31st through Monday, September 3rd.  Any additional hours need to be cleared through Marie.
  6. All golf carts will be in good working order and will have lights and canopy tops.
  7.  If there's going to be more than one driver (TWO IS MAXIMUM) each driver must print and sign the waiver. All drivers must possess a valid driver's license. Again, if the waiver isn't signed by the drivers and mailed in with payment Marie will cancel your order.

Finally, Marie is a VOLUNTEER and rents a cart just like you. She does this as a friendly service so that we all, including her family, can get around camp as easily as possible. Remember, there will be about 50 of us with carts, so be mindful of the required safety of these carts and know that they can overturn easily.  This is supposed to be a very relaxing weekend-don't rush anywhere!

If you have any questions regarding the carts, please submit your question using our contact page and a volunteer will respond as soon as possible. Or you can join our Facebook group page if you haven't already and chat with fellow Goldstockers, one of the veteran campers in the group will probably give you an answer.

This is supposed to be a very relaxing weekend - don't rush anywhere and we will all be safe!

Goldstock Admin