DATES: Goldstock officially starts at lunchtime, Friday, August 30th, 2019 and the last official meal is on Monday, September 2nd, 2019.  To help with those who wish to avoid the Labor Day traffic, attendees are welcome to stay until Tuesday morning, September 3rd, 2019, but there will be no formal meals, but there are often leftovers that may be available for dinner on Monday evening.

EARLY ARRIVALS:  For those who wish to maximize their stay at Goldstock, there is an option to arrive in time for lunch on Thursday, August 29th.  There is an additional fee for those who choose the early arrival;  this applies to all arrivals on Thursday, with the exception of the designated rescue representatives, who incur no additional charge, and can use this time to set up the rescue booths.

For those of you who have never attended, Goldstock is a celebration of our dogs and of rescue. The event was started in 1998 as a get together for members of the Golden@Hobbes e-mail list, and in support of Golden Retriever Rescue.

From a small beginning of 60 attendees, Goldstock has grown to include rescue groups from all over the US and attendees from all over the US as well as from overseas and from Canada.  Although still predominantly a golden retriever event, Goldstock now includes some all breed groups as well as some "golden hearted" dogs that don't look like goldens, but share the golden temperament.

So, what exactly is Goldstock?  It has been described as the most fun you can have with your dog and your dog can have with you.  It has been described as a celebration of rescue and of the dogs who rescue us.  It is a time to share our love of dogs with people of like minds, all in support of rescue. 

To give you a better idea of what Goldstock is there was a great article featured in the Huffington Post in 2014 (click here to read it) and a documentary is currently being made about the history of Goldstock (click here to view the trailer). 

No dog? No problem! At Goldstock we only care that everyone attending loves dogs and rescue as much as we do. We will be more than happy to loan you one of ours if you need some dog therapy!

So, again, what is Goldstock? The only way to truly understand is to attend and experience it for yourself.

This documentary film was inspired by Goldstock, an annual get-together of hundreds of golden retrievers and the people they rescue. The anticipated release date is March 2016.

This film was inspired by Goldstock, an annual get-together of hundreds of golden retrievers and the people they rescue. Follow our progress as we prepare for this year's Goldstock on Labor Day weekend, and as we get the film ready for release in November.

Article of Goldstock featured in the huffington post. You can read the article by clicking here.